24H STUNT. Competition

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24H STUNT. Competition

Post by Pastis » 30 Sep 2010 23:26

Hello everyone!

24H STUNT. Competition from October 30 to October 31
Saturday 14h to Sunday 14h Hours in Paris
Server registration 24 hours Stunt (1 Copper)

Total WIN 51 000 coppers for top 51

Presentation of the competition:
a playlist of 112 stunt track or; a playlist of 12
that repeats 1 time for 24 hours.
So opportunity to be present only 12 to practice has all the tracks!

Mapping section, is also planned, to allow mappers interested to participate in this event by offering us their creation. (The complement of the library will be accessible track for non confirm stunt players, so that all participate in the draw event)

The awards will be distributed according to the server rank.
These awards will be given to a maximum of participants for this comp is an event of great expectation and a good time.

You can always offer us your best Map here

The Map must be new (no recovery or remix please)
Several are allowed
Duration in minutes: 1 to 2 minutes maximum
PF: PF predict whether a period of approximately:
- 15 seconds to 1 minute total
- 25 seconds to 1.30 minutes total
- 35 seconds to 2 minutes total
The Map must be practicable and Finniss all, therefore practicable to young Stunteurs not yet confirmed
so they can display a minimum number of points, without making a Map
to melt (respawn) Map not jump style reception uncontrolled fall =
No sequence: "Enter" stunt and entry points ...." "stunt and points ... several times.
All styles are Permitted
Hex Bugs are permitted within the limits of reasonable
Maps may be multiple or single symmetrical
Mods are allowed (the server competition reserves the right to establish a force Mod)
The environments are authorized Mix
The Mix environements cars are allowed
Animations or other kinds of triggers sound or image is allowed diverse
(The server competition reserves the right to push a musical force that will take effect on Maps with sound Trackmania original request if the music box)
And authorized advertising, whether on behalf of Maps or various pictures .......
All the environments are allowed
Maps of the name must begin with

$I$f5124H-10 $z
Free-choice for the rest of name


Reminder: Map is transmitted on TMX
A presentation by screenshoot if possible
Accompanies a small comment of his creation

If you have questions we are at your disposal

Principal organizer
LFT Pastis and LFT Crazy
email: contest-stunt@live.fr
info tmx
The 24 hours of Stunts competition


I hope you'll be interested in this activity!,


sunday driver
sunday driver
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Re: 24H STUNT. Competition

Post by OneStep » 25 Oct 2010 14:14

I have made an 6-hour time limit stunt track :gobananas: :D

can i upload to tmx?

track information.type:stunt longest lenght possible:6.01:00.00
style:freestyle env:bay

when i win then please don`t send me coppers because i don`t have an TMUF online account
oh well,TM

Also check out my youtube channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/TheDraver48?feature=mhum

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