BnC RPG Week #1

Come in to speak about the competitions different organised by Nadeo and the community.

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BnC RPG Week #1

Post by Basskid » 03 Apr 2011 19:18

Hey RPG drivers!

The Bionic Clan (BNC) Presents a Big RPG Event with much fun, big prices and new Maps!


Informations and Rules:

The Event is from Monday 25. April to Monday 02. May. Start at 9 pm.

Every day at 21pm a new Map starts and everyone can hunt it for 24 hours.

The Best 10 Times become points. 1. 20 Points 2. 18 Points ...etc. to 10. 2 Points

The Tracks are brandnew Maps, without any Betatests.

The Trackbuilder are:

Igntul, Housekeepr, Disgo, Logand, Moi57, Popgun, VKLF, Beep and Nigo.
But just 7 maps will played.


1. Place: 10.000 Coppers + Gold Tag + Carskin + TMU Serial Key (Sponsored by the TM RPG Forum)
2. Place: 6.000 Coppers + Silver Tag + Carskin
3. Place: 4.000 Coppers + Bronce Tag + Carskin
4. Place: 2.000 Coppers
5. Place: 1.000 Coppers

2 Random Players win 1.000 Coppers.

The best 3 Maps become Prices too:

1. 7.000 Coppers
2. 4.000 Coppers
3. 2.000 Coppers

The Prices going higher with donations
BNC Members just play for fun and dont count.

This are the Main Things. Let us know about questions and comments from u.

How to participate?
1. Register on following Homepage:
2. Post your Nickname and Login in following Thread: ... l#post4690
3. Drive and get Points ;)

Good Luck & Have fun...

EDIT: The worst score of each player is deleted so that the mappers can also participate.
So everyone can participate. And a player can be absent for one day.

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