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UWC is on !

Posted: 01 Jun 2018 17:28
by U²-Ben
Hello everybody !
I am happy to introduce UWC. A united competition throughout the month of June
The goal is to make the best time on 7 maps showing the 7 environments of trackmania. They are all about 5 minutes long.

If you want more information, I recommend you come and read the rules on my website. In addition you must fill the form to be taken into account on the local record.

The server is located in France / Picardie / Somme -> UWC

Have a nice day <3

Re: UWC is on !

Posted: 04 Jun 2018 08:46
by Alinoa
Hi :)

Have fun with UWC ^_^
I invite you to write an in game news thanks to maniaflash: