Give My 10 things why i should buy TMUF

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Give My 10 things why i should buy TMUF

Post by pokeorb771 » 14 Nov 2009 13:30

Give My 10 things why i should buy TMUF!
only then i can buy it !

PLease HELP :thumbsup:

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Re: Give My 10 things why i should buy TMUF

Post by Mistral » 14 Nov 2009 14:16

01. T
02. R
03. A
04. C
05. K
06. M
07. A
08. N
09. I
10. A

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Re: Give My 10 things why i should buy TMUF

Post by Archdeluxe » 15 Nov 2009 08:30

1. Everyone can then see your custom car creation, so you can show it off, and lord it over nations users.

2. Yet more tracks you don't have to download, and can get officail race times on to improve yuor ranking.

3. Coopers, to use on many ingame items and other transactions.

4. Tags, buy, make, or get awarded.

5. ManiaZones, all new websites and extra community access

6.Access to particpate in even more contests and evens

7. More Servers to play, and more tracks to race upon

8. In game mail contacts, and greater connectivity to online buddies

9. More track creation options, with extra modes, and a ton of new blocks to play with.

10. Access and ability to creat your own Manialink, and receive coopers for your all new custom creations:videos, cars, and even tracks and other mods.

11. Why not? (see I even did one more).

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Re: Give My 10 things why i should buy TMUF

Post by nocturne » 16 Dec 2009 17:15

I only have the top three reasons why I purchased tmu...

1. Servers
2. Servers
3. Did I mention servers...?

Skins -- that's nice. P2P -- no problem at all giving up my bandwidth to host useless crap. Coppers -- not a whole lot to do with them other than rank servers. Maniazone/Manialink -- limited content compared to the many resources available on the web.

If you're not hosting servers, only reason I could consider would be the extra environments, but as far as I'm concerned, Stadium is the only unique part of TM compared to the plethora of other games available. If I want to street race, I play NFS. If I want to play offroad, I stick to FlatOut and Dirt.

Personally, I raced on TMU all of maybe 2-3 hours, and couldn't find anything worth sticking around. I'd suggest buying a week pass, and see if you feel it's worth it.

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Re: Give My 10 things why i should buy TMUF

Post by jamie_macdonald » 16 Dec 2009 18:14

You should buy tmu because,

-It has a warm friendly community, prepared to compensate developers for their work.
-Nadeo deserve paying for all that fun you have had.
-More people in the game = more support for the game
-Another 6 environemts of a different driving style to nations (almost like a different game).
-P2P skin transfer and avatar and manialinks will all open with a united account
-A whole new group of servers for you to explore provided by such community leades as mistral and TMRS and a whole world of ET competition related servers.
-Double ladder points in all the other 6 environments as compared to nations.
-A coppers ingame currency of wich to buy stuff with
-An ingame messaging system thats unavailable to nations users
-Expose yourself to some of the best all round players in the world (yes there is more than just stadium to master).

there are ten .. i could have many more ... now pay nadeo and stop dillying ... they deserve it for all the years of fun they have given TM'ers... also .. its not that expensive eh :thumbsup:

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Re: Give My 10 things why i should buy TMUF

Post by black_chaos » 18 Jun 2010 09:34

trackmania 2 will not have stadium env
so you must buy trackmania united to learn playing others environment :D
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Re: Give My 10 things why i should buy TMUF

Post by triseno » 03 Oct 2010 10:27

It's a very good game were you can play in a lot of Fun Environments :bay :coast :island :race: :lovetm

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