TMO, TMN, TMUF... help?

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TMO, TMN, TMUF... help?

Post by onejive » 30 Jun 2008 19:07

I got TMO and TMN... and all my friends play in TMN.. is there an TMUF update for TMO? I heard that TMO was the oldest version of TMUF... is it true? I just want to play with my friends while using the "full version" with all the extras... so i need to play TMUF.
Is there a way or do i need to buy TMUF?
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Re: TMO, TMN, TMUF... help?

Post by xemnes » 01 Jul 2008 08:58

trackmania original is the oldest, you are correct there but ithas no relevance to trackmania united forever... trackmania united is a seperate game from trackmania original, sunrise and nations. it features all the environments from each game and you have to buy it
trackmania united forever (or tmuf) is a free upgrade to buyers of trackmania united. trackmania united forever is buyable without the need of trackmania united. there is an alternative if you want to play with your friends though called trackmania nations forever (or tmnf) which is free and can be downloaded here:
but you only get the stadum environment (with all the tmu upgrades of tmn) but your friends are able to see and play with you only if they join stadium servers from their tmuf game

hope this helped

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