@pesky, sorry no forum mail, Still spectating w/fav

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@pesky, sorry no forum mail, Still spectating w/fav

Post by donjuanme » 26 Mar 2011 18:50

I hate calling someone like this, but you were the one who locked my post, so I cannot simply add to it there. I have a sever on my favorites list, and it still forces me to spectate, what am I doing wrong? Oh and I've checked out "what is freezone" and it doesn't say anything pertinate to the problem.

you are quick to close topics of criticism, even if they are valid, and this can be very frustrating. If I have any further questions I would like to continue in the same thread, rather than creating a new one and waiting for your attention each time.

anyone else know how to keep from spectating that would care to respond?

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Re: @pesky, sorry no forum mail, Still spectating w/fav

Post by Pesky » 26 Mar 2011 19:54

I guess you dont mean me? :)
I didnt lock any Post because i´m not an moderator in this Forum.

If it doesnt work with Favs i dont know why. I thought it prevents from being forced to spec. but maybe i´m wrong.
I have United so i dont care really.

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