Beware of this TM clan

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Queen Jadis
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Beware of this TM clan

Post by Queen Jadis » 05 Sep 2011 00:00

Hi there

This post is concerned with a 'clan' that is wearing the tag λτοैмιсl|.

This group consists mainly of Spaniards with low skill level. One of my buddies and me happened to come across one of their servers. It was a Nadeo server and we immediately overtook the local records. However, instead of being honoured that pros like us where on their server, they kicked us after less than one minute of playing. Idiots, no question.

As a devoted TM player, I keep taking a look at the solo rankings and I was not amused to see one of their members with a cheated official WR that cut off many of my SP.

I usually do not post such things on a public forum but this is one complete farce. There are ignorant and intolerant teams and there are teams who have cheaters in their rows but both at once is just too much.
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Re: Beware of this TM clan

Post by nicomoore0 » 30 Sep 2011 15:50

Thanks for the heads-up Jadis. Much appreciated.

λτοैмιсl| We're watching your every move ;)
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