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Nadeo / Focus

Post by Stevil79 » 16 Sep 2011 20:50


We have a guy on our Loveshack Original server at present with the name "Nadeo / Focus" and the login "nadeofocusracing". He is playing on a Nations account with a canadian flag. He claims to be affiliated to Nadeo and has a rank of 18 but no ladder points.

He has threatened to ban users accounts and shut down our servers in two weeks. Please could you verify that he is in fact a Nadeo employee and if so why has he not formally identified himself and why has he made these threats? If not could you please investigate. Contact me if you need any further info.


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Re: Nadeo / Focus

Post by Xymph » 16 Sep 2011 20:54

Nonsense, no Nadeo employee would do something retarded like that. Besides, Nadeo just emerged from the TM²C and is catching up on sleep, real life, etc. :)
Just ignore that troll.
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Re: Nadeo / Focus

Post by »Enryx« » 17 Sep 2011 12:08

He's now called PӇ¶<<ßѼЯД¢Ә>> ( It's obviously a troll and possibly a cheater (if it's true that he had rank 18)

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