US Qualifiers - Who's Registered?

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US Qualifiers - Who's Registered?

Post by TMnM » 28 Mar 2008 02:09

First off I'd like to extend a huge thank you to the ESWC committee and all the partners who finally got US qualifiers going! :D So far it looks like there are a few registrants, which leads me to my question - who's signed up already? Is having a account necessary in order to register for the qualifiers? If that's the case, then the qualifiers are already almost at the current maximum :)

GL everyone!

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Re: US Qualifiers - Who's Registered?

Post by ESWC-Sylvain » 28 Mar 2008 14:28

You don't need an account on as when you will register on it will register you on For the moment here is the list of registered players:

Active List (players whose paid the entry fees)
1.Ben Weisnicht (Iceman)
2.Bryan McKiernan (kn1ves)
3.David Hyde (DABH)
4.Jason Monroe (ctrl|alt|del)
5.Jon Lunceford (skootz)
6.Kamran Siddiqui (omegaelite)
7.Patrick Wyrick (IndigoFerret)
8.Rob Miner (RavenClaw)
9.wayne johnson (52ford)

Pending List
(players whose haven't paid the entry fees)
1.Patrick Delatorre (Kumagoro)
2.Carlos Negron (NeMeSiS)
3.Calvin Walden (Cjw_evolved)
4.Jacob Fromm (Jacob0887)
5.gary bilderback (jizzbang420)

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